1. Dream Realms is a RolePlaying forum for ages 18+ for our site contains sexual content. There are very few limits that we put on our members allowing them to be as creative as they want without the feeling of being judged or turned away. What ever your tastes in Role Plays whether you choose to reside in the Sweet Dreams area for sweet vanilla content or to be as dark as you want in the Nightmare Realms. The choice is yours. If you haven't already Registered.....No time like the present.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the rules?

It is very important that you know and understand the Rules of the Realm. If you haven't read them already you can read them by clicking here

how do i start a thread?

Any of the forums where you have an option to create a new thread, you will find a tab or link labeled "Post new thread". This normally appears in the upper right of the page.

how do I find out the password to the basement?

Read the section Must Read To Enter. You’ll find it in a spoiler.

Can I have a child character as long as it strictly not looked at in a sexual manner in any way?

No. This a 18 and up site. No characters bellow that age will be allowed in any form.

I went to the xxx section, started a new rp and it's still in my inbox, so am I okay to have more than 70% smut?

You can not continue an rp that has over 70% smut inside of an inbox,if you want to continue the story put it in the thread you created in the xxx section.

What are the rules regarding aged up/adult versions of characters? E.G: An adult version of Harry Potter with appropriate changes applied.

As long as a character is turned 18 or up it is fine with us,but they must be 18 or over. You can have brief moments looking into their past,say the movies,or books,but only brief. Like a flashback.

I'm unclear on the Smut in PM's rule. Am I allowed to do smut roleplays in private messages, or must there be an arbitrary amount of non-smut posts?

The rules mention that up to 75% smut is fine in pm's, although this is based more on staff judgement than an actual measurement (lets not argue about the difference between a 70% and 80% rating). If there appears to be a decent story and plot behind the posts, then we will generally allow it in pm's as long as it isn't smut dominated. First person smut is generally considered to be cybersex and those need to go into the appropriate forum. If in doubt, ask one of the staffers.

How do I send a pm

When you click on the inbox icon at the top of your page it will redirect you to it,and at the top of the new page will be a button that says "Start a new conversation." This is all you click on and you just enter the persons username to contact them specifically.

How to make a post

At the top of any section in the forums when you click on it you'll see a button at the top.it will say "Post New Thread"
Click on this and you'll be able to start up a new thread.

How does one delete and accidental post in an rp?

You can ask a mod, or an admin to delete said post.

Okay so how do I get rid of that- pop up-slide- thing with welcome and such at he top of my screen?

There isn't a way to remove this from the site for you individually.

How do I log off?

If you're on the computer you simply click on your name up on the corner then you click log off. The same goes for mobile as well.

How do you change the "New Dreamer" thing?

Look under your personal details.

I am trying to make a private thread type forum to RP with another. How can it be done? Or is it not allowed?

Threads are openly available for others to view except for the Wet Dreams Realm, where you need to look through the "Must read to enter" post, before you can get in. Some people prefer to include (private) at the end of the title. There is still no guarantee that other people won't look at it, but if nothing else, it gives others an insight into your writing style and creativity.

Can you make a signature for yourself?

Yes you can,many do so. This can be done in your Personal Details section.

Are you allowed to make a "quote" on your profile that sticks?

You could put it as a banner above your profile to make it stick.

How do I delete my account?

Request it to be done by an admin.

How do I make an introduction?


I was looking at the rules, guides and characters but I am confused how to make different character profiles. Is there any way to do that here?

Most people just put up request threads and that could contain char description. Otherwise you can post character descriptions in the Residents of the Realms section.
There's no set format, just do what works best for you.

how do you watch a forum?

At the top of the page of any post or forum there is a button you can push that says "Watch Forum" Under this you can choose in which way you want to be notified when a new post is made. It is right next to "Selected Threads"
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