1. Dream Realms is a RolePlaying forum for ages 18+ for our site contains sexual content. There are very few limits that we put on our members allowing them to be as creative as they want without the feeling of being judged or turned away. What ever your tastes in Role Plays whether you choose to reside in the Sweet Dreams area for sweet vanilla content or to be as dark as you want in the Nightmare Realms. The choice is yours. If you haven't already Registered.....No time like the present.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the rules?

It is very important that you know and understand the Rules of the Realm. If you haven't read them already you can read them by clicking here

How do I get my age verified?

Just ask one of the staffers and either the mods or the admins will get in contact to step you through the process.

how do I reset my password

hover over the tab with your name. From the drop down box select Password. Then simply enter your old password then enter the new one you want.

If you are not able to get into your account then an Admin would need to be contacted.

If we have threads we want to remove? How can we do this?

Contact a mod and inform them. Give them a reason and they will move it to the reaper area.

how do i create a charcter

Character creation really depends on your personal choice and what your partner may be looking for. Many people go with a simple character sheet. In that they may include an image of their character, and some general details (age, build, physical features, personality etc). Depending on how deep you want to go, you may decide to include a back story as well. If you want to store those....then either create a thread in the "Residents of the Realms" forum, or create an album and drop the details in there.

What does the poke option do on someone's profile, does it have any meaning or is it just for fun?

Who doesn't like a well intentioned poke....or finger-bang. The poke is simply a way to get someone's attention, without using profile posts or pm's. Some people like to use them to nudge their rp partners along......but for most of us, it is simply another option for interaction...with some fun thrown in.

How do I re-enter a pm conversation?

If you have deleted a pm conversation then the best way to get back is to ask the other participant to tag you into it. It is as simple as having them add @{your character name} to a post, and it should then show up in your inbox.

How do you do a spoiler? Maybe I missed the directions somewhere.

Highlight what you want under a spoiler. Then look for the "Insert" button in your tool bar. Click that and a drop down box will come up and in that is the spoiler button you'll click. Then simply write a spoiler title.

How do you make a introduction

Well, normally we would just say that you wave and tell someone what your name is....but we do things a little different at DR.

You want to start by dropping into the forums, and find the Introductions - Meet other Dreamers area (use the link if you like).


On the top right and bottom right of the screen, you will find "Post New Thread" links which will open a new tab for you. Get your introduction in, by telling us some general stuff about what you are about. Look at others if you need inspiration, where you will see that rp experience, preferred genres, outside interests and general life stuff are regular features.

When you are done, just hit the "Create Thread" link at the bottom of the page. That will get you in amongst the rest of the dreamers....and drawing the attention of like-minded role players in no time.

how do i start a thread?

Any of the forums where you have an option to create a new thread, you will find a tab or link labeled "Post new thread". This normally appears in the upper right of the page.

how do I find out the password to the basement?

Read the section Must Read To Enter. You’ll find it in a spoiler.

Can I have a child character as long as it strictly not looked at in a sexual manner in any way?

No. This a 18 and up site. No characters bellow that age will be allowed in any form.

I went to the xxx section, started a new rp and it's still in my inbox, so am I okay to have more than 70% smut?

You can not continue an rp that has over 70% smut inside of an inbox,if you want to continue the story put it in the thread you created in the xxx section.

What are the rules regarding aged up/adult versions of characters? E.G: An adult version of Harry Potter with appropriate changes applied.

As long as a character is turned 18 or up it is fine with us,but they must be 18 or over. You can have brief moments looking into their past,say the movies,or books,but only brief. Like a flashback.

I'm unclear on the Smut in PM's rule. Am I allowed to do smut roleplays in private messages, or must there be an arbitrary amount of non-smut posts?

The rules mention that up to 75% smut is fine in pm's, although this is based more on staff judgement than an actual measurement (lets not argue about the difference between a 70% and 80% rating). If there appears to be a decent story and plot behind the posts, then we will generally allow it in pm's as long as it isn't smut dominated. First person smut is generally considered to be cybersex and those need to go into the appropriate forum. If in doubt, ask one of the staffers.

How do I send a pm

When you click on the inbox icon at the top of your page it will redirect you to it,and at the top of the new page will be a button that says "Start a new conversation." This is all you click on and you just enter the persons username to contact them specifically.

How to make a post

At the top of any section in the forums when you click on it you'll see a button at the top.it will say "Post New Thread"
Click on this and you'll be able to start up a new thread.

How does one delete and accidental post in an rp?

You can ask a mod, or an admin to delete said post.

Okay so how do I get rid of that- pop up-slide- thing with welcome and such at he top of my screen?

There isn't a way to remove this from the site for you individually.
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