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Frequently Asked Questions

If we have threads we want to remove? How can we do this?

Contact a mod and inform them. Give them a reason and they will move it to the reaper area.

How do you make a introduction

Well, normally we would just say that you wave and tell someone what your name is....but we do things a little different at DR.

You want to start by dropping into the forums, and find the Introductions - Meet other Dreamers area (use the link if you like).


On the top right and bottom right of the screen, you will find "Post New Thread" links which will open a new tab for you. Get your introduction in, by telling us some general stuff about what you are about. Look at others if you need inspiration, where you will see that rp experience, preferred genres, outside interests and general life stuff are regular features.

When you are done, just hit the "Create Thread" link at the bottom of the page. That will get you in amongst the rest of the dreamers....and drawing the attention of like-minded role players in no time.

How do I log off?

If you're on the computer you simply click on your name up on the corner then you click log off. The same goes for mobile as well.

what is the password too the XXX roleplay group?

Read the Must Read to Enter section.

How do I turn off Email notifications?

Go to your preferences and scroll down to options,and there you can turn off email notifications to reply's. You can also go to your contact details and edit your messaging preferences.

Changing Display name and how to do it?

Well you cant change our display and you will have to message one of the admins with a good reason for your name to be changed

Is there a way to recover a pm you left?

If the PM was set up to allow people in the PM to invite others you can let someone that is in the PM invite you back into it. However if you didn't check the "let others invite people into the PM" option you will not be able to get back into the PM. Also if you checked the option other than the default one when you left the PM you will not be able to get back into the conversation either.

Pretty much have someone in the Convo invite you back into it and then have someone in the conversation post a reply to see if you get a notification from it.

Can I delete my account? If so, how?

To delete an account send a PM to a staff member. You will be requested to confirm the deletion and then the Admins will act on the request. Letting us know why the deletion is requested would also be appreciated.

How do i report Suspicious members?

You can report someone by clicking their name and bringing up the member card. Then you click the "report" option.

If it is a post that you want to report there will be a report option underneath the users post as well.

If this is very urgent to you, please contact the staff online immediately for quick assistance in the matter :)

what are medal's and how do i get one?

Medals are the images displayed underneath a users name, they are the trophies you get to show off when completing a task within the realms :0
If you would like a medal you can go to your profile and find where it says "Awarded medals"
Click "view all medals and it shows each medal in the realms and how you can earn them.
The easiest medal is the "we are the champions" badge... you get that by voting for dream realms and letting cookie the Administrator know :)

where do i find roleplays?

You can find them different ways :)
  • Make a request thread if you already have an idea of what you are looking for.
  • View other people's request threads
  • Pm the members of the realms and see who is looking for RP's currently.
  • Hop in an open role-play
  • Post a status but try not to spam the wall ;)
  • Ask in chat

can i just hop in a roleplay?

The only way you can just hop in is if it's an "open role-play" we have a special section for that. If you are unsure whether or not you can hop in just PM the creator of the thread and ask :)

Can i delete Or move my thread?

Yes but you must contact a member of staff to do it for you, preferably an admin :)

How do i know if my Rp belongs in Wet Dreams?

When your role-play starts to focus more on Smut than plot.

what is the difference between Nightmare and sweet dreams?


How do i send a PM?

Click the users name and select "start a conversation"
Or while in a thread check under their avatar
For staff online click the contact button next to their name online

How do i post a profile cover?

There are two different ways to post a cover for your profile.

-go straight to your profile and click the empty cover slot up top.

-click on your name up top and find where it says "profile cover"

How do i post an Avatar?

Click on your name displayed up top and simply click the Avatar option :)
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