1. Dream Realms is a RolePlaying forum for ages 18+ for our site contains sexual content. There are very few limits that we put on our members allowing them to be as creative as they want without the feeling of being judged or turned away. What ever your tastes in Role Plays whether you choose to reside in the Sweet Dreams area for sweet vanilla content or to be as dark as you want in the Nightmare Realms. The choice is yours. If you haven't already Registered.....No time like the present.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does one enable/disable chatbox?

There's a a button at the end of chat that says hide chat, all you have to do is click on it and it will hide the chat box, and if you ever want it back just click on it again :)

I was just wondering...is it possible to change my username? If so..could so.eone tell me how?

Members can not change their names. You would have to ask a staff member and then they would have to inform a higher up that can deal with the request.

Are PMs public? Also, why don't you get trophy points for PMs?

PM or private messages are private from other members where as in chat and the more apt inbox system. The only time another member can see what you write is if you invite them to the group and whether or not that function was allowed when the thread was created.

Trophy points wouldn't really link up with private instances as no one would be able to see them and the points would be hollow. If we did give out points for such a thing everyone would have them and the act of having them would be rather pointless in the long run.

I've been trying to figure out where and what's the DR pet, help please anyone?

It is a hamster or what have you that is on the forum pages that you can feed and watch run around while you wait for replies to come up. Although I think I clicked it away and hid it when I first came on this site so as of right now I do believe it should be there unless you clicked it away as well.

Confused about the lolicon rules here. My characters are over 18, but they are immortal and age slowly. Some look like children but function as adult

So long as the characters are 18. It's okay of they look young, but they must be turned after age 18 and cannot be referred to as small children.

How do I turn off the background music?

Click on the SoundCloud icon (it's on the Chatbar, on the left hand side). This will open a popup, turn it off/on from there.

how to get to the basement part

Read the Wet Dreams Specific Rules http://www.dreamrealmsroleplaying.com/threads/✨rules-to-live-by✨.450/ The Password for the Basement, XXX Roleplays and Steamy Discussions is found here.

Mobile site view?

Hello mobile user!
Did you know If you have the "rotate" feature on your mobile device you can turn your phone sideways, and view more on DR as you would the Desktop version. Super handy if you wanna see your Thread Count, or the graphics full view!

Can I delete my account? If so, how?

To delete an account send a PM to a staff member. You will be requested to confirm the deletion and then the Admins will act on the request. Letting us know why the deletion is requested would also be appreciated.

how come i cannot access chat

Chat uses Flash Player. Make sure your Flash Player is up to date and enabled for the site, along with accepting cookies. That should do the trick. If not, log out, delete your cookies and history / cache and log back in again.

I need help figuring out the Realms?

We have a guide to help you navigate and understand how things work around here created by our Spirit Crew :)

Click HERE

How do i report Suspicious members?

You can report someone by clicking their name and bringing up the member card. Then you click the "report" option.

If it is a post that you want to report there will be a report option underneath the users post as well.

If this is very urgent to you, please contact the staff online immediately for quick assistance in the matter :)

what is voting and do i have to?

Voting is very important but it is not needed.
To vote for Dream Realms means you support Dream realms and help us become the #1 Roleplaying site in toprpsites.
It helps us get more members so if you would like to see lot's of people here just vote :)

To vote just click the vote link in the top spinning announcements
You can vote every 24 hours and you can vote from different devices with different IP Addresses!!

Also win a medal if you vote and contact cookie cutter the admin

what are medal's and how do i get one?

Medals are the images displayed underneath a users name, they are the trophies you get to show off when completing a task within the realms :0
If you would like a medal you can go to your profile and find where it says "Awarded medals"
Click "view all medals and it shows each medal in the realms and how you can earn them.
The easiest medal is the "we are the champions" badge... you get that by voting for dream realms and letting cookie the Administrator know :)

where do i find roleplays?

You can find them different ways :)
  • Make a request thread if you already have an idea of what you are looking for.
  • View other people's request threads
  • Pm the members of the realms and see who is looking for RP's currently.
  • Hop in an open role-play
  • Post a status but try not to spam the wall ;)
  • Ask in chat

can i just hop in a roleplay?

The only way you can just hop in is if it's an "open role-play" we have a special section for that. If you are unsure whether or not you can hop in just PM the creator of the thread and ask :)

Can i delete Or move my thread?

Yes but you must contact a member of staff to do it for you, preferably an admin :)

How do i know if my Rp belongs in Wet Dreams?

When your role-play starts to focus more on Smut than plot.
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