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Rules,Guides,& Consequences

Rules,Guides,& Consequences

Please be sure to read the rules :)

What are the rules?

It is very important that you know and understand the Rules of the Realm. If you haven't read them already you can read them by clicking here

What are the rules regarding aged up/adult versions of characters? E.G: An adult version of Harry Potter with appropriate changes applied.

As long as a character is turned 18 or up it is fine with us,but they must be 18 or over. You can have brief moments looking into their past,say the movies,or books,but only brief. Like a flashback.

I'm unclear on the Smut in PM's rule. Am I allowed to do smut roleplays in private messages, or must there be an arbitrary amount of non-smut posts?

The rules mention that up to 75% smut is fine in pm's, although this is based more on staff judgement than an actual measurement (lets not argue about the difference between a 70% and 80% rating). If there appears to be a decent story and plot behind the posts, then we will generally allow it in pm's as long as it isn't smut dominated. First person smut is generally considered to be cybersex and those need to go into the appropriate forum. If in doubt, ask one of the staffers.

Okay so how do I get rid of that- pop up-slide- thing with welcome and such at he top of my screen?

There isn't a way to remove this from the site for you individually.

How do you change the "New Dreamer" thing?

Look under your personal details.

I was looking at the rules, guides and characters but I am confused how to make different character profiles. Is there any way to do that here?

Most people just put up request threads and that could contain char description. Otherwise you can post character descriptions in the Residents of the Realms section.
There's no set format, just do what works best for you.

How do you spoiler? I understand when you're supposed to do it but I don't know how. Can someone teach me?

The button that the arrow is pointing at you click and a list will pop up,the spoiler button is the second one that shows saying Spoiler.
Or if you rather not do that,each time you can just use the BBC code and type [-SPOILER][/SPOILER-] ~Just remove the - in each one of those.

What are the rules regarding the laying of eggs? After all, not all creatures get pregnant like mammals.

You can lay eggs,but the child rules would stay the same none the less.
You can have the pregnancy,laying of the egg(s),have them hatch,then skip 18 years just like everybody else.

How do you allow for pregnancy and birth in a Group RP without having to skip ahead 18 years every time it happens?

You can not have children in role plays "Anywhere" on the site it is not just just sequestered to Group rp as your question seems to suggest. If someone under eighteen years old is in a rp action from the staff will be called for and whomever does it will be warned or whatever suitable action is called for.

What is the ruling on characters who are part of a race that ages faster than normal humans and thus reach adulthood quicker?

Aliens are not humans but they still need to not be considered underage. If the alien looks like a loli and acts like a loli it's a loli.

Confused about the lolicon rules here. My characters are over 18, but they are immortal and age slowly. Some look like children but function as adult

So long as the characters are 18. It's okay of they look young, but they must be turned after age 18 and cannot be referred to as small children.

how to get to the basement part

Read the Wet Dreams Specific Rules http://www.dreamrealmsroleplaying.com/threads/✨rules-to-live-by✨.450/ The Password for the Basement, XXX Roleplays and Steamy Discussions is found here.

Consequences and how they work.

The consequences are listed in the rules of the realms. How the staff handles a rule being broken depends on the rule broken it self. staff will give you a two strike maximum if you break the same rule twice, by the second offence it's considered an automatic Ban. You get 3 chances in the realms depending on the offences. Our staff takes the time make our decision we don't take pride in warning and banning our members but rules are rules so please don't put yourself in that situation.

If you are being warned please be sure to answer back on the PM given so the staff know you have received it and understand. Please be polite when handling the situation, if it is a misunderstanding calmly explain.

A guide for New Roleplayers

If you are new to roleplaying or are a bit rusty, check out this growing help thread made by one of our staff to help you understand roleplaying etiquette and how to deal with certain situations.

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