1. Dream Realms is a RolePlaying forum for ages 18+ for our site contains sexual content. There are very few limits that we put on our members allowing them to be as creative as they want without the feeling of being judged or turned away. What ever your tastes in Role Plays whether you choose to reside in the Sweet Dreams area for sweet vanilla content or to be as dark as you want in the Nightmare Realms. The choice is yours. If you haven't already Registered.....No time like the present.

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  1. Staff & Crew Badges

    1. First in Command

    2. Second in Command

    3. Moddly Duty

      For those special Moderators we've grown to love.

    4. I am the Law

      Lookout There is a new sheriff in DR. DR is trouble maker free....kinda

    5. Chat moderator

      A dream realms chat mod! :)

    6. Wet Dream Patrol

      The moderators of the wet dreams realm

    7. DR Graphic designer

      The Talented Staff that makes DR look kick ass!

    8. DR Global Advertising

      Dream Realms Global Advertising Staff

    9. Bear Hug Committee

      The welcoming group.

    10. DRS Crew medal

      For Dream Realms Spirit Crew members

  2. Dreamer Badges

    1. Open Arms

      For those that have taken it upon themselves to greet and welcome new members, despite not being a part of staff, or having been asked to do so. Thank you. ^___^

    2. Must be THIS drunk to RolePlay

      This is for our drinkers who actually remember their password to get in and still be a dream realm supporter Thanks for thinking of us!

    3. I have....AN IDEA!!

      For members who submit suggestions to help improve the site :)

    4. Adding to the family

      For members who bring other people into dream realms to help expand the family :)

    5. Dream Realms Guardian

      Someone who has made an effort to keep DR safe from Prohibited behaviour & rule breaking.

    6. The Golden Mouse

      Writing contest winner!!!

    7. DR supporter

      This badge is for Dreamers that have donated anything to keep DR running and to help us get new features! Donate anything whether it's a dollar or pocket lint :)

    8. Age verified user

      This badge means that this user has been verified and is infact 18 or over!

    9. Novel Dreamers

      For those dreamers that have been with us since the beginning. :D

    10. Talk Nerdy To Me

      For a special someone that has helped us out With either suggestions to others or answering tech questions correctly!

  3. Chat Badges

    All things chatterbox

    1. ChatterBox

      Addicted to chat! For those who are in the chat box regularly :)

    2. Fantasy chat regular

      For those who Rp in the fantasy chat :)

  4. Voting Badges

    1. Weee are the champions

      For those special users who encourage members to vote and keep that Dream Realms hype!.

    2. Arrrg!

      Avast we be commandeering the votes!

    3. voting Rampage!!

      3rd tier Badge for those who have earned the two voting badges and continue to support DR by voting daily

  5. Seasonal Medals

    1. Christmas contest participant

      Thanks for participating in our writing and art challenges of 2014

    2. Naughty & Nice challenge

      2014`s Best Naughty sex scene for nightmare realms

    3. Naughty & Nice challenge

      2014's Best " Nice " sex scene in the sweet Dreams Realms

    4. Christmas Art Challenge

      Winner of 2014`s Dream Realms logo Art Challenge

    5. Christmas writer's challenge

      Winner of 2014`s Short Story Christmas challenge

    6. Party Animal 2014

      This is for everyone who attended the Dream Realms Christmas Chat party :) Here is a party favor from the DR staff

    7. 2015 unexpected battle scene entries

      For everyone who entered this contest

    8. 1st place battle scene contest winner!

      Winner winner chicken dinner!