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A Small Guide to RP for the Beginner

Discussion in 'Helpful Tip's And Guides' started by Aden3.0, Dec 22, 2014.

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  1. Aden3.0

    Aden3.0 Dnt poke a bear..Im hungry..and your a steak...

    Local Time:
    4:12 PM
    Basic guide to RP for the Beginner!

    Quick Intro about me:

    Hi I’m Aden! Been rping for nearly 10 years now and no I do not in any way claim to be an RP expert however I have irritated enough partners to learn a few things to not do. ;) That being said I was inspired to write a basic guide for any of you that may be brand new to Forum RPing and let it be a stepping stone for you. Use it all, or take little tid bits here and there, just hope it helps someone out.

    Quick Tips

    Be considerate/Respectful

    This takes many forms from not harassing about post speeds, size of the posts, being considerate to your partner’s limitations and much much more. Basically play nice and don't treat someone the way you would not like to be treated. This includes their literacy level, agree before hand and if they aren't to the desired level speak to them in a helpful way don't just troll them.

    Be consider in Groups

    By this, I mean if the person before you has spoken to your character but you dont like that person or their char type. Its still nice to respond, and acknowledge them, same goes if they took an action that affects your character. Unless it was meant to be a sneaky 'you saw nothing' type of action react and respond to their posts and dont skip over anyone in the order.

    Bring New perspective in a Group RP

    In groups, don't copy the last persons response, and if possible try not to have it be that similar. Your character should react, and move differently then anothers so add that. Their thoughts, their own personal actions that make them YOUR character and don't be afraid to add a bit more detail so long as your not suddenly going from the Tropics to the Antarctic in your post.

    Proper Grammar

    Today, we have shortcuts for nearly every written word and for texting that is fantastic. But for role playing make sure to use proper spelling and grammar. Most role playing sites *Dream Realms included* even have spell check programs for you to take advantage of free of charge.

    Keep in Contact

    By this, I mean if you will be away from the role play for a few days or even longer. Don’t be shy about sending your partner a quick message. A small heads up would be greatly appreciated I’m sure to know the RP is still on going and has not been abandoned.

    Keep it real

    Which brings me to this tip. If the RP is no longer interesting for you, say something to your partner. You can discuss options to possibly bring it back to life, or discontinue the RP if neither wants to revive it. Dropping an RP is like breaking up with your significant other, sure no one wants to be the one to start it but you will both be much happier afterwards since you can find another partner that better suits your needs.

    Dream Realms Specific Tips

    Dream Realms classifies RP’s in 1 of 3 ways. Nightmare, Sweet Dreams, and PG13.

    Nightmare: Includes any rated R material such as detailed sexual acts or fetishes, intense gore or torture.

    Sweet Dreams: May include ‘vanilla’ or plain sexual content, rated M content for violence.

    PG13: Pretty self-explanatory this is for Disney type level RPs with absolutely no sexual content.

    Wet Dreams

    This is a new area recently added, this is for pure smut (explicit) type RPs. If the basis of your RP is sexual then it shall be confined here and you must read the rules specific to this location. NO EXCEPTIONS


    Writing Sexual Scenes a how to guide by your very own @Malevolence

    Request Threads

    If you are a male, post in the Request by Males, if you are female post in Request by Females. If you would like to claim a different gender then we also have a ‘Gender Neutral Requests’ forum.

    When you create your request thread, near the title area you will see a drop down box with ‘No Prefix’. If you hover your mouse over that it will release a drop down box and allows you to choose an additional heading for the partner you wish to find. Be it a MalexMale pairing, FemalexFemale, MalexFemale, or any other pairing you can think up.

    Common abbreviations

    · MC: My character

    · YC: Your character

    · MxM: Male x Male partner

    · FxM: Female x Male partner

    · FxF: …I don’t really need to do this right? ;)

    Q & A

    Will fill this part out as it happens

    Shoutouts to those that help this guide to grow
    For helping to add in the "Be considerate in Groups" and "Bring new perspectives in a group"
    Adding to the 'Be considerate/respectful'
    Her wonderful guide for sexual scenes!

    Good bye!
    This guide is FAR from complete, truth be told I don't know every thing there is to know so please leave a comment with your own experiences or ask a question that you want to know or think someone else might find useful!

    There is really just 1 golden way to go about role playing.... TALK with your partner! Find out what your partner enjoys to write and read and work accordingly to make a great story that you both will love reading later as well.

    There is no 'right' way to role play, and these are NOT rules. Merely a few general guidelines to help you get started and figure out your own style. So what are you waiting for? Jump in! Find that partner you can't help but enjoy writing with and get started exploring yourself through the art of Role play! Welcome to Dream Realms! :D
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2015
  2. Pandora

    Pandora Dreamer

    Local Time:
    12:12 AM
    I'm totally new to the role play web site . This is my first experience of it , until now , I have been role playing with close friends . The basic things I need to know are , what is reqired of me . I'm lucky , I have a mentor , a safe place to learn more , is what I would be asking for .
  3. Aden3.0

    Aden3.0 Dnt poke a bear..Im hungry..and your a steak...

    Local Time:
    4:12 PM
    Well the safe place to learn more is here in Dream Realms of course :)

    As for what is required of you? Well honestly like the above just try to talk with your partners and find out what you both would enjoy in the RPs and try to write accordingly. And if there is problems with either their posts or yours, try to bring it up in a considerate and helpful way instead of skipping to hostile words and actions. :)
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  4. Auditore

    Auditore Guest

    probably should be in the "Be Considerate" area... but if you're in a group rp and all characters are together it's nice to acknowledge everyone's posting and not skipping someone's post (this works on 1on1s too but this mostly happens in groups)

    also be careful of repeative postings in group rps, yes we see everything but it's nice to see different views on everything, ex: everyones in a fight with the same enemy.. what's going through your characters mind? what's happening around them besides the others fighting? are you outside? describe the enivornment... Own your post!!

    always have fun.. trust me nothing kills a rp faster then when someone stops having fun, encourage your writing partners! "I liked your post... this this and this is what made me like it" it makes people want to continue writing and pushes them to top their last post so yes make them feel good about their posts!

    if I think of more when my head is not pounding I'll post again
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  5. Spitfire

    Spitfire Playing with fire only gets some people burned...

    Local Time:
    7:12 PM
    In group RPs here, we've adopted a very simple 'Rotation List' we keep updated on the first post of the thread. If one person leaves, we just delete their names and go on, adding new people to the end, but it definitely helps to ensure no one is skipped in a group thread. :D

    Also, it would help as a Mod if people would label 1 x 1 RPs with who is in them in parenthesis after the title. Many of you do and it's much appreciated.

    Lastly, if you're losing interest in an RP or lost for where to go with it, talking it out with your partner over PM is always helpful. We all know we can lose plot to the sexy time at points, so collaborating on a way to get back to that is important so as to not throw your partner for a loop. :D
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  6. Malevolence

    Malevolence I put the Malo in Awesome... wait.. o-o

    Local Time:
    7:12 PM
    I have one.

    *pulls out soap box*

    When asking for people to have a roleplay with you, don't be a douche.
    While we do have a free spell checker, its still understandable to make mistakes. Even typing in programs such as Word, you make mistakes. Maybe you meant to say where but said were.... fact is, both are correct spellings, but you accidentally forgot a letter.
    Maybe you get on a roll in your mind and you say, "Alice wnt shopping." Common error.

    People make mistakes. Asking for "literate players only" or "I don't play with people that are uneducated" just pisses me off. Quality over quantity. I rather have a post with emotion and someone trying that has a couple of errors than play with a jerk who thinks people who aren't at their "level" aren't worth writing with.

    Short story short: Have respect for your peers. Some of them are still learning, some of us are veterans. But we all are here with the common goal of creating art as a community. You never know, the reason why someone who can't write at higher levels might be wanting to work with you on a story to help teach themselves.

    *steps of soap box*

    I haven't been seeing that a lot here, but I've seen it all over other forums. Really gets under my skin.
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  7. Spitfire

    Spitfire Playing with fire only gets some people burned...

    Local Time:
    7:12 PM
    I'm a spelling and grammar freak and even I make mistakes at times. There have even been times that my own mistake annoys me so much that I go back and edit it even though my partner understood what I meant and moved on. The way I see it is: If it's intelligible enough to understand, what's the fuss? If the grammar is so bad, I have to read every post three or more times to get what they mean, or even ask for clarification after that, I won't stick around for too long.

    That being said, beginning roleplayers are great to RP with!! There is so much they haven't done and everything is so exciting. I've been RP-ing for ten years, and I love helping new players to create an amazing RP we both enjoy. I've actually been told that I'm too advanced for someone and they didn't want to RP with me. :( That hurts our feelings too... The more important thing is to communicate and convey the story you want to tell.
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  8. Malevolence

    Malevolence I put the Malo in Awesome... wait.. o-o

    Local Time:
    7:12 PM
    I agree @Spitfire

    I guess the proper words I should have found were: Treat your fellow roleplayers with understanding, respect, and common curtsey. :3

    And I've read some of your posts, you're awesome. People just can't handle that skill. They need to go back to the kiddy corner and pout.
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  9. Spitfire

    Spitfire Playing with fire only gets some people burned...

    Local Time:
    7:12 PM
    Ok so back to the guide time guys...

    Please do NOT God-mod your partner(s)' character(s). God-modding includes, but is not limited to, writing the other characters' reactions and feelings, describing a space which belongs to them, not you, such as a home, office, car, etc.

    It's important to feel like partners in writing and doing those things detracts from what your partners can bring to the table and can make them feel as though you'd rather just write without them.

    Remember to consider your partners and keep in contact with them so that you can further your story together.
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  10. Doe

    Doe ♥Pfft. ☽Witch☾ Please. ♥

    Local Time:
    9:12 AM
    May I add to this? ^-^

    Thank you Spitfire for bringing up God-moding! Another form of God-moding can be combined with Mary-Sue characters. Often, players have a tendency to do this without realising, so sometimes it's good just to make sure you aren't doing it by accident! c:
    One form of this could be that your character is perfect and flawless; they are also invincible and 'untouchable'.
    'Untouchable' For Example: two characters break into a fight.
    Character 1 throws a punch then character 2 dodges. Character 1 attempts a secret ninja combo, but Character 2 dodges again! Hoo boy, character 2, you're pretty good! Character 1 runs toward him firing a LAAZZZAAHH CANNON ... character 2 dodges. Character 1 decides he's seen enough and decides to Nuke himself and the world around him ... character 2 dodges ... NO!!! YOU CAN'T! Y U DO DIS. This is an extreme example, but nonetheless, I've seen it many times. Not cool ... even Batman takes hits and HE IS BATMAN.

    Now, I'll also add 'auto-hits'.
    Auto-hitting is like ... playing Pokemon, except Team Rocket just. Keeps. Throwing. Wobbufet at you. Ruthlessly. While some jigglypuff over there keeps your comatose from it's caterwauling.

    EXAMPLE: Person1: Charmander (because he's the best) sees wobbufet! Charmander runs toward him and uses flamethrower!
    Person2: Wobbufet uses slap! Wobbufet slaps charmander in the face and stops him from using flamethrower. He then busts out some jet-lee skills he learned from Hitmonlee! He kicks Charmander's teeth out, then kicks him where-the-sun-don't shine. He then begins to unleash extreme hits and pulls Charmander's tail, then bites it and swings him around by the tail with his teeth! He then lets go and sends Charmander flying and as it hits the ground, he uses a bodyslam attack!

    ... Meanwhile, Charmander just stands there and takes it. You know what I mean? X'D It's always nice to say 'attempt' or to at least wait for the other person to fight as well.

    You're all perfect in your own way, I know, and that's why I love you all but pretty please let us not be uncool about it? C: ♥ It's not something I'd ever yell at you for, everyone does it even to a small degree at some point ... but if you're too perfect you'll make me look bad. :h:

    ^-^ Thanks Dreamers, happy RPing!! ♥ ~

    *gives everyone a brownie*
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2015
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  11. Spitfire

    Spitfire Playing with fire only gets some people burned...

    Local Time:
    7:12 PM
    *eats brownie* Thanks, and those are some very good points.
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  12. Aden3.0

    Aden3.0 Dnt poke a bear..Im hungry..and your a steak...

    Local Time:
    4:12 PM
    Nice :D love it haha
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  13. Samantha Robin

    Samantha Robin Dream Realms Guardian

    Local Time:
    2:12 AM
    Haha, read the replies XD

    Some stuff I'd like to add:
    OOC= Out of character
    IC= In character
    CS= Character sheet
    Char= short for 'character'
    GM= Game master. The manager of the RP, you [should] do what they say.
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  14. metiiculous

    metiiculous Active Dreamer

    Local Time:
    7:12 PM
    I absolutely agree that people shouldn't be assholes in asking for a role-play! Honestly, I wish that there was another way of inferring that you prefer longer, narrative-heavy role-play that is reasonably well-written instead of saying just "literate," because as you say, it is a rather degrading/rude way of shunning potential partners. We're all literate, otherwise chances are you wouldn't have made it to this website. BUT, because of the style of role-playing I prefer, I find myself resorting to the icky word of "literate" in order to define my own personal preferences, which is not something I find particularly enjoyable. I feel like it gives me a gross, elitist vibe, which is why I wish we had a different way of explaining what we want as role-players. We all have our own preferences, and I hate feeling like a bad guy because I enjoy longer, (reasonably) grammatically sound replies - which is a standard I hold for myself, too.

    Mistakes and whatnot happen all the time! No one should be chastised for a typo or goofing up their grammar sometimes. Respect is also probably the number one rule to maintain between partners, as well. Also, there are different styles of role-play: from using the *role-playing method with asterisks* to having quick, small paragraph replies that focus almost exclusively on action, to heavily descriptive, narrative-based replies that often run two paragraphs or longer. I have no issues with the first two kinds of role-playing, however my personal preference happens to fall within the last category. And I feel like I sound like an asshole when I look exclusively for partners that also enjoy that last category. In no way do I think role-players who enjoy other styles are uneducated or less intelligent than me, or are wrong in any way, I just happen to enjoy a different style.

    TL;DR I dislike the use of the term "literate" but because of my personal preference in role-play style, I find myself using the term when seeking out potential partners which makes me feel like a douche. So let's make a new term?
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  15. Spitfire

    Spitfire Playing with fire only gets some people burned...

    Local Time:
    7:12 PM
  16. CyanideRamen

    CyanideRamen That One Dude With The Thing

    Local Time:
    6:12 PM
    How about "well-read"?
  17. Spitfire

    Spitfire Playing with fire only gets some people burned...

    Local Time:
    7:12 PM
    Hmmm... generally one doesn't require being well-read to have proper grammar and punctuation use, though it most certainly helps.
  18. CyanideRamen

    CyanideRamen That One Dude With The Thing

    Local Time:
    6:12 PM
    True. But, usually, the more you read, the better your understanding of grammar and things of that nature
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  19. CyanideRamen

    CyanideRamen That One Dude With The Thing

    Local Time:
    6:12 PM
    Okay, how about "grammatically inclined"?
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  20. Calipso

    Calipso You get what you give.

    Local Time:
    4:12 PM
    I would completely agree with you, why cause I do curve balls in a good portion of my rp's. Besides I love to keep a roleplay lively and yet not dull in my own opinion.
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