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A Small Guide to RP for the Beginner

Discussion in 'Helpful Tip's And Guides' started by Aden3.0, Dec 22, 2014.

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  1. Mediocritys Muse

    Mediocritys Muse Two faces and each of them are Skitzo Staff Member Dream Realms Moderator

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    9:05 AM
    I agree although sometimes a Curve-ball can be a detriment as the partner may have not put enough thought into the idea or perhaps the idea itself is simply to obscure to even make any feasible sense.

    IE: You are taking part in a One x One role play set in a realistic/slice of life local and then your partner simply decides to make their character into a plant hybrid that can turn plants into killing machines.

    I agree they should make sense, communication is the key here.
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  2. Calipso

    Calipso The smell of leather & sweet roses. Refreshing!

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    7:05 AM
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  3. Mia

    Mia Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars DR Supporter

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    4:05 AM
    I'd like to remind everyone that this is a guide for newcomers. It's not a place to boast your rping prowess, and certainly not a place to scare off new rpers by telling them they aren't experienced enough to rp with you.

    We all have the discretion to choose whomever we want to play with regardless of experience.

    This is supposed to be a general help guide. Keep it that way.
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  4. Mediocritys Muse

    Mediocritys Muse Two faces and each of them are Skitzo Staff Member Dream Realms Moderator

    Local Time:
    9:05 AM
    I agree, heck I role play with both the new and the seasoned that are on this site and most of the time simply putting your line out there can help you find a great role play that you might otherwise overlook if you only role play with those that are more seasoned. Regardless preferences are both wide and vast, an open mind is always a good deal when role playing. :73

    Also if I were to give one singular piece of advice it is to be up front about what you like in role play before you start talking about the specs. Decide if your lengths match up and maybe even discuss what you like and dislike preemptively as to not make the role play screech to a halt prematurely. Many a role play has stopped dead in it's tracks due to such things and no one wants that to happen after all of that care and planning went into the writing of one's posts.

    Some may see being upfront about your requirements as a bit presumptions but it does indeed help if you just get it out in the open fellow dreamers. ^-^

    Kay that's all I guess. 0-() ... ... ... Have a hunky-dorey day peoples! XD
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  5. RPWhore022803

    RPWhore022803 Active Dreamer

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    7:05 AM
    Actually I asking if you'd like to do so with me :p
  6. RPWhore022803

    RPWhore022803 Active Dreamer

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    7:05 AM
    Oops meant to put was between that, sorry.
  7. aiello.rita

    aiello.rita Fly away, be free.

    Local Time:
    9:05 AM
    My comment on post length is: Take as much space as you need to. If you need to ask a basic question just do the one line ( this goes along with the topic of do not answer for the other person). If someone wants to do a few paragraphs that is great, even though I have a hard time doing posts that long. In regards to spelling and grammar, people should look into http://grammarly.com it is completely free and checks for basic spelling and grammar as you type. Another comment on spelling and grammar is for people of other countries who do not have English as their first language, let the person you are roleplaying with know that English is not your first language. In theory, they should not care as long as what you are trying to say is clear.
  8. NiaxKelsen

    NiaxKelsen New Dreamer

    Local Time:
    10:05 AM
    This was reassuring to read as a newcomer. After reading more than a few posts telling me not to rp with them because of lack of experience rping. Any advice on creating a good subject line? Or a decent starter that's always been my bane.
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  9. Mediocritys Muse

    Mediocritys Muse Two faces and each of them are Skitzo Staff Member Dream Realms Moderator

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    9:05 AM
    While I do not really care if someone has experience or not role play wise I do require post length and decent grammar so pretty much you just have to find the right partner that meshes well with you is all. The best way to do that is outline what you expect from your partner per post and also let them know what to expect from you as well in any request thread that you make, as it cuts down on questions and the like in PMs. While some may see that as a bit pushy and needy I find it rather refreshing to know what a potential partner wants even before I write a PM to them asking whether or not they want to rp with me.

    As far as a subject line goes I suppose that means the genre of the roleplay, which can be many things on this site as we do not really ban many things...if a list on what isn't allowed is needed just look toward the rules.

    Creating a good starter to a role play is not really that hard, well for me at least because I use a rather simple method of ironing one out if I do not have something in mind ahead of time. Pretty much I go along these lines:
    1. Take the setting into consideration and figure a decent place to start out the post.
    2. Come up with a general personality for your character before you even put fingers to keys, as having a good idea of what the person is like makes writing the words all the easier.
    3. Never know what the other character opposite yours is like before the rp starts, which is why all I ask for in a Character sheet is a picture, Name, Age, gender, and species. (When applicable) Knowing to much about the character opposite yours makes replying a mundane thing and well takes the fun out of learning about them through the rp.
    4. That said start with a description of the area, although I usually do it lightly as no one wants two paragraphs of describing a room/landscape or what have you. (Usually)
    5. Next maybe something your character is thinking to give a bit of an explanation as to a bit of their life, like what they just did or maybe what they are planing to do for the day?
    6. Set up the events to come with a coordinated-if that is preferred-last bit so your partner can play off of you, or do like I do and wing the hell out of it and let your imagination flow a bit.
    In all honesty anyone can use this to get a starter started but in truth it should be your own. Just have fun with it and let your brain box chug along as they say.
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