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Dream Realms Rules

Discussion in 'Rules Of The Realms' started by CookieCutter, Sep 23, 2014.

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  1. CookieCutter

    CookieCutter Stop squirmin....you're getting blood everywhere.. Staff Member Dream Realms Admin

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    12:22 AM
    If you have any questions about the rules contact a staff member and they would be more than happy to help :)

    1- All Members must Be 18+

    If You are underage Please step out of Dream Realms, you are welcome to return when you are 18.

    Note: If for any reason, at any time, you are suspected of being underaged, you WILL be required to participate in our age verification process. If you do not reply or complete the age verification within 72 hours, you will be removed. If you get an attitude with staff over the process, you will be removed.

    Consequence: Automatic Ban

    2-Private information law

    Dream realms wants to make sure all our members are safe :)
    For your protection we ask that you do not give out your phone number or address.
    If you wish to contact your partners off DR, the following is now allowed when given out privately and not on status's spamming the wall or chat

      • Skype
      • Email
      • Gamer screen names
      (Please do not poach members to KIK, Discord or Chatzy for roleplaying. It isn't fair to everyone else when people are being taken offline to RP somewhere else for your own benefit.)
    Please note that Dream realms is not held accountable for harassment off our site. If you choose to give out this information, We also ask that you keep personal drama off the site as well. DO NOT harass a member for any personal information. (No intimate photos of yourself)

    Consequence: Warning

    3-All characters must at least be the age of 18.

    Lolita and shotacon is forbidden here in Dream Realms. This applies in PM's as well....we will find out. To elaborate further, Dream realms will allow a quick and painless back story for character development. We ask that you make it short and simple, for example

    The following is not allowed

    • "when Laura was a young 8 year old girl, Her stepfather Juan would drink until he was black out drunk. He would often go into her room and remove his belt to beat her until she was bruised, limp, and bloody ."
    The following is acceptable
    • "Laura had a rough childhood due to an abusive stepfather, who was often black out drunk."
    You get the point right? If you are confused please ask a staff member and we will be glad to review and help you. If staff & crew feels your child back story is dragging on to the point where it's uncomfortable to read we will ask you to edit it.

    Pregnancy law : We understand some of your characters may want to start a family :) if you do decide to go along with the pregnancy and keep the child in the story, you are to be willing to skip 18 years in your Rp to the future. So please make sure it's what you want :D remember a back story is welcomed for your RP child.
    The pregnancy process will go like so

    • Pregnancy
    • Birth is allowed
    • Happy/sad moment
    • Skip 18 years

    Consequence of not following character age law: Judged upon the severity of the situation

    4-No Harassment/Sexual Harassment

    Includes the following (Trolling,Threatening,Being Hateful, Racial slurs, rude language towards staff or other members ) staff can add to this list however they see fit. If you are being harassed please contact any staff member.

    Consequence: Judged upon the severity of the situation

    5-Do Not advertise other sites

    We ask that you do not advertise other roleplaying sites unless you wish for them to become an affiliate. To become an affiliate please visit this page HERE and we would be more than happy to welcome you :D

    Consequence: Warning

    6-No pornographic material

    Please do Not post links, photos, videos that contain actual pornography or porn models. This is to protect the sites users from viruses.

    Consequence: Warning

    7- Nude photo law
    As long as it doesn't fall In the lines of pornography, we DO allow tasteful nude artwork in your Role-play's. The following examples are what Dream Realms Would Allow and consider tasteful nudes..(please do not Post nude photo's with the models face due to the fact that we can not judge the age of the model) no nude photo's of any kind including artwork shall be used as avatars.


    Consequence of not following photo law : Warning

    8- Any nude artwork or drawings, or illusive nude photography that is allowed, MUST be accompanied by a spoiler
    (like the photo's above) ... so that members at work or around children will have a warning to such types of pictures as common courtesy.

    Consequence: Warning

    9- No Beastiality. we love animals but not that way, however the following is allowed.
    • Werewolf's
    • Furries
    • Animal shape shifters
    • Dragons
    • Monsters
    We don't want to see old McDonald and his farm ....

    Consequence: Warning

    10- Cyber / Smut
    No Cybering in PM or Chat. Take it to the Basement.

    Smut role-plays including PM (personal message inbox) If more than 75% of your role-play is smut it must be in the Wet Dreams area. Think cheesy porno, more sex than story, put it where it belongs.

    Consequence: Friendly Reminder followed by Warning

    11-Status Abuse
    Please do not use the status privileges to post hurtful things about someone else. Do not use it to speak ill of DR, because everyone knows you can just pm someone in staff to address these concerns. please do not post suicidal status's as nobody on DR is trained to help in such a serious situation. There are plenty of other sites on the web that give that help and support your need, but let's just keep DR for roleplaying purposes.

    Consequence: Depends on the severity of the issue

    12- No Multiple Accounts
    Please do not make multiple accounts. If you are ever in a situation where you need your account fixed it makes it harder for the staff to view where the problem is coming from. (if you in a home where multiple people of the house also use DR, Please explain to the staff)

    Consequence: Depends on the severity of the issue

    13- "All ages must be stated in the beginning of a ddlg roleplay (includes all roleplays ) and must be true to the age

    "little ages" are not allowed here...it's strictly a 18+ site therefore there is no reason for a grown person to portray a child for taboo innocence in your Roleplay. If we see that your roleplay is more focused on the childlike mentality, you will be msged by a member of staff.

    Consequence: Depends on the severity of the issue

    Staff has the final say
    If you receive a PM from staff DO NOT IGNORE IT,DO NOT ARGUE
    if there is a misunderstanding, Be polite and just explain the situation calmly.

    Don't be a dumbass
    Dreamers you are all grown adults, The staff are not here to babysit...we are here to help make sure the site runs nicely not to coddle, we are not therapists, we are not your mother. When you receive a warning think of it as WE WILL ONLY ASK YOU ONCE. After a warning is given, it will be followed by a Automatic Ban.

    For the safety of our site, and our members, staff reserves the right to go through any and all PM's at any time for any reason. If you are breaking the rules, even in PM, applicable consequences will apply.
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