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Just a Quick Guide to Creating a Character

Discussion in 'Helpful Tip's And Guides' started by LadyFayte, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. LadyFayte

    LadyFayte Imagination: The only weapon against reality

    Local Time:
    11:07 AM
    Hullo, hullo! I'm here today to just list the criteria that I use for developing a character for RPing with. Please keep in mind, this is MY system, and I tend to research the HECK outta things first. But I thought it might be useful to some of you out there! So here we go!

    The main thing you want to do with any character is answer the five Ws and the H. Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

    Who: Who is your character. This includes name birthday, and all that personal info like height and weight that you probably already use. Easiest question to answer.

    (If you're looking for a name for your character and are stuck, check out this site. They have lots of names to choose from, and even include meaning: http://www.20000-names.com)

    What: What is your character? Things like race, powers, personality, alignment, and the like go here. These things are the beginnings of defining you character in the story. Another piece that applies here are your character's goals. These are part of their status.

    When: When did your character get where they are? When is the story taking place? When are they going to meet the other characters? When do they plan to move on? This is a tricky one, because conciously thinking about it makes for a headache, at least for me.

    Where: Where is your character from? Where are they going? Do they move around a lot? This one's usually pretty easy.

    Why: Now we enter the real meat of the character. Why are they the way they are? (remember to keep the bios within the rules!). This is the spot for childhoods, maybe a few defining highlights from their lives. Why are their goals so important? Everyone has a past that defines them as a person, and emotions that make them who they are to others. This is a tricky one to answer, and can usually be filled in a little at a time so as not to reveal too much, if that's your wish. Often, this is my personal Achilles' Heel. I tend to either over or under explain. So word this part carefully and really think it out. THIS is your character in a nutshell.

    And finally, How: How do you plan to reach the goals of your character? How will they learn and develop along the way? How will they interact with others, and themselves? How will their goals change? Again, not always the easiest of questions to answer, and this is often the whole story of the RP.

    So, there you have it. My insanely overthought process to creating a character. Thanks for listening to/reading me ramble for the last little bit! if I forgot anything, feel free to add it! Have fun, and enjoy the art of creation!
  2. Doomy

    Doomy ₮ⱧɆ W⊖⌊⨍ K⨗ℕğ Staff Member DR Bear Hug Committee DR Supporter

    Local Time:
    12:07 PM
    Very nice guide! (And also the best place to find names!)