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Roleplay Evolution

Discussion in 'Site Affiliates And Application' started by CookieCutter, Apr 21, 2017.

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  1. CookieCutter

    CookieCutter Stop squirmin....you're getting blood everywhere.. Staff Member Dream Realms Admin

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    12:05 AM
    "Roleplay Evolution (ReVo) is a super active HTML roleplay site with rooms from all kinds of genres including Gor, Erotic, Supernatural, Fandoms (Buffy, walking dead, sons of anarchy, supernatural, harry potter, ect), Comics, graphics and many more. There is literally no limit to the type of rp you can find or start yourself on our site. "

    Click Here To Enter
  2. Yoko

    Yoko New Dreamer

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    9:35 AM
    We at ReVo are so happy to have you as an affiliate! ReVo would like to extend this offer to all of you so that you can come experience everything that is available to cater to your online fantasies through roleplay. Just bring this Affiliate Token for a FREE room and 3 months of membership time to the site. To redeem this offer, head to our ReVo Forums to register and fill out the template.

    Come join in the ReVolution today!

    - Offer available only to those over the age of 18.
  3. Chrisslody

    Chrisslody New Dreamer

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    1:35 AM
  4. Johnoovans

    Johnoovans New Dreamer

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    3:35 PM