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Your Quick Guide to Dream Realms

Discussion in 'Helpful Tip's And Guides' started by Auditore, May 17, 2015.

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  1. Auditore

    Auditore Guest

    Hello and Welcome!

    So you're new to rping or picking up from a long hiatus and you probably have some questions no?


    We ask that all our member please read and familiarize themselves with the rules of the site located here ~>

    Now that you have that out of the way and you understand them let's get started ^_^

    You may be asking yourself, well where do I start? We have a section for requests...

    ♦ Males~>
    ♂ Males

    ♦Females ~>
    ♀ Females

    ♦ Neutral~>
    ╪ Neutral

    and Lastly Those looking for

    ♦ Group rps ~>
    ∞ Groups

    You may browse through the requests to see if someone else has a similar idea as you or maybe even you yourself can put up a request thread if you didn't see an idea, please remember that you may not get bites the first time you put it up



    we have an area for you! it's called open rp ~>
    ♥ Open

    This section is mainly for those that just want to jump into rping while they wait for replies from 1on1 rps they have or even waiting for replies on request threads they created/posted in

    Now that you've created or posted in an request thread, please read this to help you along ~>
    ☻ Tips

    <~ it's a small guide to help you out with some tips to consider when you start writing :3

    Now If you feel intimidated about jumping in don't be!! We are here to help you so please don't ever hesitate to ask a question!

    What's the difference between Nightmare Sweet and Wet Dreams Sections?

    Well many have been confused to this so let clear it up...
    If your rp is NOTHING BUT SEX with little to no story then it goes into the Wet Dreams Section,
    password protected please read this to enter ~>
    ♣ Click Me, Mmm

    Now if your rp has MORE STORY and some sex to none at all it goes in the Nightmare and Sweet area...

    Well what's the difference between the two areas... Let's think it this way

    ♦ Nightmare were everything is dark, creepy, violent... you get my point, you can also check this out to get a better idea ~~>

    ♦ SweetDreams... it's fluffy, cute sunshine rainbows sugar spice everything nice.. also further explanation ~~>
    Sweet Dreams

    If you're still unsure Ask!! ^_^ and we will direct you to the right section​
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  2. Auditore

    Auditore Guest

    Hello Again!!

    I had noticed a few things while going through the rp threads of the realms... First off I'm unsure if there is confusion between Group and Open Rps? If there is or you don't know what the difference is let me quickly explain ^.^

    Group Rps are just like the 1x1s we have here, it's the same process as the 1x1s, looking for partners, plot, characters sheets etc

    (which could I please make one request, I know it might not seem like much but if/when you make your group rps please separate ooc and ic into different threads, you can anyways link the ooc in the first post of the IC, to a reader like myself it's off putting when there's a character sheet in the middle of the story, throws the flow off completely, as with OoC comments within posts.. just a thought for future rps ;) )

    Now for Open rps.. that is pretty much jumping into a story with a character that ties in with the thread creators plot in the start of the thread.

    I hope that this has cleared anything up if anyone was confused or didn't know ^.^
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  3. Auditore

    Auditore Guest

    Have you wondered what colors work for all the backgrounds?

    I personally went through and checked each background color and tested each color on them and came with this chart
    image.jpg the colors that are unmarked work best for ALL background colors.

    White X's are bad for the black background
    Black X's are bad for the white background
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
    I've included the background colors and font colors on each background ^.^
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